Use Cases

CodeSecure’s products have long been the software analysis tool of choice for developers working on mission-critical, safety-critical, and security-first software.

Solving Your Code Security Challenges 

From Functional Safety to Supply Chain Security, CodeSecure solves our customers’ most challenging software development problems by exposing risks associated with vulnerable code – including the third-party and open-source software components incorporated into the products you develop, deliver, and deploy.  

Use Cases

Explore the numerous use cases where application security testing impacts software development, product integration, release management, software acceptance, risk management, and compliance teams.

    “Following ASPICE guidance and proving it with CodeSonar helps us ensure we are developing quality software. CodeSonar enables Merit Automotive to deliver quality products and meet safety and security requirements”

    David Kell


    CodeSonar works and helps in development. It also teaches developers to code better.

    Jarno M

    Firmware Architect, Epec Oy

    “What we like is the warning classification into categories: redundancy, reliability, style, and security – the last one drawing attention to the developers!”

    Izik Menashe

    VP, Global IT & Information Security

    “It easily integrated with our existing processes, met our established quality standards and offers a thorough analysis of the entire software solution – not just each module as a separate entity.”

    Per-Erik Andersson

    Chief Engineer, Software and System Verification

    One problem with such high availability and proficiency requirements is that the TDRSS ground segment is controlled by over eight million lines of software. Casting aside the space segment, operator error, and hardware concerns, just creating software to meet these expectations is a challenge since it cannot be exhaustively tested

    Markland Benson

    NASA Computer Systems Manager

    We were impressed by CodeSonar’s accuracy and quality of defect identification compared to the competition

    Mr. Achilleas Tsoukalis

    R&D Director at Micrelr

Case Studies

Learn how customers gain value using CodeSecure’s solutions via case studies in medical, aerospace, tech, and more.

  • LeddarTech

    The Challenge: To build the LeddarVision software platform according to automotive industry requirements, starting in the design stage, and integrate checks in the development workflow in compliance with ISO26262 functional safety requirements for road vehicles, MISRA C, MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++ coding standards and security requirements such as CERT C++.

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  • Telit

    CodeSecure Helps Telit Deliver Safety Faster. Telit is a global leader in cellular-based M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that have been connecting the world from the inside out for nearly 20 years.

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  • Piper

    Transportation – CodeSecure Helps Optimize Smart Sensors and Technologies to Increase Transportation Throughput.

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  • Petroleum Experts

    Industrial – CodeSecure Helps Deliver High Quality, Safe, Secure Software and Ensure Customer Satisfaction.

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  • NASA-White Sands: The Benefit of Static Analysis

    Aerospace – CodeSecure Contributes to NASA Study Exploring the Benefits of Static Analysis.

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  • NASA: Mars Curiosity Rover

    Government – CodeSecure Helps Mars Curiosity Rover Search for Signs of Life.

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