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Code is everywhere in the products we count on and use every day. Making that code safe and secure to protect your business – is our business.

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CodeSecure, formerly GrammaTech’s product division: read our story.

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Defend your products from being hacked or exploited – protecting you and your customers.


Create software less prone to failure – resulting in safer products.


Integration with existing IDEs and DevSecOps tools enables a smooth developer workflow.


Supporting globally dispersed development – building in security and safety is a team effort – we collaborate on a security first approach.

Our Products

Our products are used by thousands of developers and have scanned billions of lines of code. That’s why our customers trust CodeSecure to solve their most challenging software issues.


CodeSonar, our award-winning SAST platform, includes deep support for C/C++, Java, C#, Kotlin, Python, Go, Rust, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Multiple development tool integrations for DevSecOps implementations enhance team collaboration.

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When you do not have access to source code, our Binary SCA solution can determine N-day vulnerabilities from the embedded open source, 0-day vulnerabilities, and licensing information, as well as create an SBOM.

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Supported Integrations

CodeSecure products are designed to support large and geographically dispersed teams – ensuring workflows are not disrupted. Defects are persistent and tracked across builds, even if code changes. They can be annotated, ranked, assigned, searched, and compared.

Use Cases

Supporting Product Developers

Product development teams are being tasked with a multitude of new security requirements to protect their products. Our products, therefore, support a variety of uses to keep you ahead of the bad actors.

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Industries We Serve

CodeSecure products have numerous applications across multiple industries. Explore our customizable solutions and how they protect businesses in your vertical.

Automotive & Transportation

Medical Device

Dept. of Defense



Software & Technology

Featured Case Studies

See exactly how our customers protect their products using CodeSecure.

  • The Challenge: Finding a scalable Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution to support a lean team of experienced software engineers as they innovate new solutions while adhering to strict software cybersecurity and functional safety requirements in the auto industry.

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  • The Challenge: To build the LeddarVision software platform according to automotive industry requirements, starting in the design stage, and integrate checks in the development workflow in compliance with ISO26262 functional safety requirements for road vehicles, MISRA C, MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++ coding standards and security requirements such as CERT C++.

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