Our application security testing products are powered by decades of research done on behalf of the U.S. Federal government and enable you and your team to outsmart and outpace bad actors.

CodeSecure Application Security Testing Solutions

We provide application security testing at the points you need it most. 

CodeSecure brings static application security testing and binary software composition analysis into the development’s source and builds processes. Software development teams are continually pushed to deliver more complex software systems in a shorter time, with fewer resources. Security adds a new dimension of cost, complexity, and risk to software development. To address this, DevSecOps improves the DevOps pipeline to where security is a critical part of the development process.

Solutions that Meet Your Source and Binary Analysis Needs

Bring Software Application Security Testing (SAST) and Binary Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to your Engineering Teams


SAST, when Safety and Security Matter

Software teams are under constant pressure to deliver more content with higher complexity, in shorter timeframes, with increased quality and security. Static Application Security Testing is a proven best practice to help software teams deliver the best, most secure code in the shortest timeframe. For over 15 years, CodeSonar has been a leader in this field, delivering multi-language SAST capabilities for enterprises where software quality and software security matter. 

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Binary SCA, supporting SBOMs

CodeSentry is CodeSecure’s binary Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution, which achieves deep scalable analysis without the need for source code and is suitable for enterprise-wide adoption. By enabling developers to interrogate software at the binary level for both open-source software and the third-party software that is now so commonly used, CodeSecure CodeSentry provides visibility into component vulnerabilities after the build process to identify risk.

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CodeSecure CodeSonar integrations are first and foremost designed to augment existing development activities and processes, by improving quality and security without disrupting workflow across the software development lifecycle. The intention is to make SAST second nature during development, testing and deployment.

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