About CodeSecure

Our Mission

At CodeSecure, we’re on a mission to protect everyone – everywhere there’s code. We provide innovative research and create products that effectively and efficiently find critical software vulnerabilities. Because when code is protected, nation’s defenses and our customer’s products are more secure.  

Our History

CodeSecure is a 2023 spin-off of the GrammaTech products division which included CodeSonar and CodeSentry. GrammaTech originally developed an early Integrated Development Environment in 1978 (the Cornell Program Synthesizer) and a system for generating language-based environments from attribute-grammar specifications in 1982 (the Synthesizer Generator).

GrammaTech undertakes cyber security research projects for several U.S. government agencies, such as DARPA, NSA, Office of Naval Research, the NSF, and many branches of the Department of Defense.

Meet Our Team

Meet our leaders, and Board of Directors that drive CodeSecure forward.

Meet our leaders

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From forward-thinking research to industry news and more, the CodeSecure team has a breadth and depth of knowledge that we are excited to share


We’re seeking highly qualified engineers to solve challenging cybersecurity issues and develop award-winning products, as well as motivated go-to-market professionals to support our global customers.

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