Securing the Essential Services Delivered by Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is heavily dependent on industrial systems which are deployed into operational technology (OT) and various Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Managing these environments effectively requires automation – and that relies on software.

With more connected devices, the increased attack surface opens these systems to hackers. Recent ransomware attacks against a range of critical infrastructures has resulted in new laws, regulations, guidelines, and executive orders aimed at protecting these sectors, and the software supply chains that serve them.

CodeSecure’s CodeSonar and CodeSentry provide industrial controls solutions to support your team’s Application Security Testing needs: 

  • Supports the latest industrial functional safety (i.e., IEC 61508) and program security (i.e., IEC 62443) standards
  • Unlocks hidden defects from your software supply chain 
  • Reduces your business risks through real-time visibility into your code quality 

Empower your teams to deliver the best industrial devices on the market without risk.

Ensuring Critical Infrastructure is Resilient

Critical infrastructure is key to bringing essential services to the global population, and any compromise could have disastrous consequences for public infrastructure and health. With increasing demands for connectivity comes greater exposure to these historically air-gapped environments, and the need to ensure its critical software is resilient to cyber-attack.

CodeSecure solutions bring application security testing capabilities across the software development and release processes, spanning the source and build cycles, and support the devices and languages deployed in critical infrastructures, including Endpoint Clients, Embedded Systems, Firmware, Mobile.

Staying Securely Ahead of IT/OT Convergence

Given our increasingly connected and digital world, IT and OT infrastructures are converging and exposing the software, often embedded in the industrial control systems (ICS), to threats which place them at risk.

CodeSecure solutions help organizations advance their digital transformation and fulfill modernization initiatives with confidence by demonstrating compliance to standards and regulations which mitigate risks.

Minimizing System Updates with More Secure & Quality Software

The lifecycle of critical infrastructure is measured in years if not decades, and the impact of downtime significant. The technologies that control these systems is often difficult to access and subsequently difficult to update in cases where security risks emerge, or new capabilities are required. Quality, reliability, and security are all factors in delivering software supporting the operations and safety of these industrial systems.

CodeSecure solutions helps organizations proactively get ahead of these challenges by deeply inspecting the software supporting these products for defects and exposing vulnerabilities in third-party component software including open source for resolution before being deployed.

Our Customers

  • “We wanted to have a static analysis tool that was easy to integrate, that dropped into our continuous integration system, that ran quickly and had a low false positive count. After we evaluated other SAST solutions, choosing CodeSecure was a good choice and it was the way to go – it was just so easy to drop CodeSonar into our process.”

    Thomas Fletcher

    Vice President of Research & Development at Crank Software

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