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  • Using a SBOM to Make Better Software Security Decisions

    Software supply chain attacks are on the rise. Many of the high-profile cybersecurity news stories such the SolarWinds attack and the Apache Log4j vulnerability tell a tale of attackers exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the software supply chain. The mode of operation can range from fairly simple exploits of known vulnerabilities like Log4Shell to very sophisticated attacks,…

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  • Managing Software Supply Chain Risk in Medical Devices

    Modern medical devices are gaining complexity, and as connectivity to the internet, cloud, and outside world increases, so does the security challenge. Further, medical devices for home use are increasing exponentially, so devices must withstand a non-clinical environment while communicating on insecure home networks. And with medical devices, security risks are also safety risks, which increases development costs and liability. To address…

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  • How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in MISRA Compliance

    BACKGROUND In embedded development, C remains an extremely popular choice of language. Although other languages, such as Ada, C++, and Java are used in some circumstances, and model-driven development is becoming more popular in specific domains, about 50% of the code running on embedded systems is still hand-written C. C is a great language in…

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  • Exida – Improving Software Security & Comply with IEC 62443

    Using CodeSecure CodeSentry and CodeSonar. download pdf 1 Purpose and Scope In order to develop secure code free of vulnerabilities, suppliers are increasingly following a secure development lifecycle to achieve these goals. The IEC 62443-4-1 standard (Security for industrial automation and control systems –Part 4-1: Secure product development lifecycle requirements) defines specific requirements for using…

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