CodeSecure Supports Compliance to Strict Safety and Security Requirements While Delivering Efficient Developer Workflows.

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Telit is a global leader in cellular-based M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that have been connecting the world from the inside out for nearly 20 years.

“What we like is the warning classification into categories: redundancy, reliability, style, and security – the last one drawing attention to the developers!”

Izik Menashe

VP, Global IT & Information Security

CodeSecure Helps Telit Deliver Safety Faster

Telit offers the broadest portfolio of IoT products, software, and services that drive mission-critical IoT solutions across industries and markets worldwide. Telit serves thousands of customers, connects millions of things, and manages billions of IoT messages.

The Internet of Things refers broadly to a network of connected smart devices that are able to connect and exchange data. The Internet of Things allows these connected devices – such as smart thermostats, security alarm systems, smart vending machines, connected cars, and wearables –  to be managed and monitored remotely across an existing network infrastructure. This connectivity and interoperability via the Internet creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems and results in improved efficiency, accuracy, and economic benet. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of about 50 billion objects by 2020.

Offering one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of high-performance Internet of Things (IoT) modules, connectivity services, and software, Telit serves thousands of customers, connects millions of things, and manages billions of IoT messages. Knowing their services and software must be reliable, robust, and secure, Telit understood the need to incorporate static analysis into its software development lifecycle to further improve its quality. After a thorough evaluation of their needs and available solutions, Telit settled on CodeSonar from CodeSecure as the solution with the best fit for their safety and security needs.

Telit’s wireless modules are used in many different industries, including industrial and automotive applications. For this, the modules need to adhere to strict security and safety requirements. Telit required a solution that would allow them to satisfy these requirements while delivering efficient workfows for their developers.

CodeSonar is optimized for safety and security-critical software. It offers high amounts of recall, which means that it ends the highest amounts of true defects in the code. The engineers at Telit initially reviewed the warnings that CodeSonar with suspicion; but, digging deeper into the warnings, they found that they could lead to real issues. CodeSonar’s analysis of the whole program provides not only the most true positives, CodeSonar’s developer-oriented user interface also provides comprehensive navigation through the source code. The team could quickly evaluate each warning using CodeSonar’s UI and the intuitive descriptions for warnings that it provides in understandable natural language combined with visualization of the sequence of events that can lead to the error.

Telit has integrated CodeSonar into its software development processes, which include build and integration workflows using Gerrit, Jenkins and Git. Developers are prevented from committing code if CodeSonar reports a high-priority warning. CodeSonar’s advanced search and compare capability allows Telit to compare between builds and track new versus resolved warnings and keep a keen eye on quality improvement initiatives. The cyclomatic complexity metrics that CodeSonar provides help Telit to identify complex code that should be considered for refactoring.

In addition to checking its own code for warnings, Telit has used CodeSonar to assess the code of some of its suppliers, finding several problems in their deliverables, and is working with these suppliers to correct warnings in an effort to make their entire software development lifecycle more secure.

All said and done, CodeSonar helps Telit to achieve the safety and security that they need efficiently, allowing engineers to spend more time developing new and innovative features for Telit’s customers.

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