Government and Defense

Protecting the Homeland

Building safety-critical, mission-critical systems

If you’re developing safety-critical software for aerospace or defense applications, having complete confidence in your software applications is essential. Beyond the need to meet stringent requirements, aerospace and defense projects have a unique challenge in that software is deployed for a very long time, and upgrade timeframes can see significant change throughout a system’s life. 

Empower your teams to deliver the best, out-of-this-world devices – on budget, on time. 

Mitigating Cyber Warfare Software Attacks

With growing geopolitical tensions come the heightened risk of cyberattacks as a means of modern warfare. The increasing use of third-party and open-source software has expanded the attack surface of applications used throughout government systems making them vulnerable.

CodeSecure solutions fill the gaps in Securing the software supply chain by identifying and scoring vulnerable elements, assessing risk, and responding and recovering from any infiltration of high-risk components.

Securing the Software Supply Chain

Recent White House directives have ordered federal agencies to Secure their Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS), requiring software suppliers to self-attest that their software has been developed following secure software development practices as defined by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

CodeSecure solutions help software producers to self-attest and declare conformance to secure software development practices and generate the necessary artifacts as evidence which may include reports such as a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).


Fulfilling Compliance with Federal Mandates

New and emerging US Government regulations, including national cybersecurity strategies, are increasingly focused on securing the software supply chain and the need to adopt good engineering practices and coding guidelines or standards. Recent objectives have even suggested increased overall technology governance including holding critical infrastructure owners and operators to minimum security standards and exposing software companies to liability for flaws in their products.

CodeSecure has a long history of delivering innovative application security testing solutions to US Government and Defense agencies enabling them to secure and defend the nation’s most critical infrastructure and resources.

Government Contracts

CodeSecure products are available on the IT-security Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) that most federal professionals use and prefer.

  • Tradewinds is the Department of Defense’s framework for sourcing, funding, and developing solutions to challenges in the artificial intelligence/machine learning, digital, and data analytics space.
  • The NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) provides the latest in Information Technology, Communication and Audio Visual (ITC/AV) products and services for all Federal Agencies and their approved contractors.

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