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CodeSonar SAST GitLab Project Management


CodeSonar integrates directly into the GitLab CI pipeline to detect zero-day vulnerabilities. CodeSonar scan results are available in the GitLab Merge Requests, in the GitLab Security Dashboard, and can be assigned as a GitLab Issue. With CodeSonar, product development teams looking to shift left without disruption to their SDLC now have a seamless GitLab CI/CD integration. 

Capabilities & Benefits
  • With each merge request, CodeSonar will automatically analyze your code and return any vulnerabilities found via the GitLab SAST interface.
  • A summary of detected vulnerabilities can be viewed directly in the GitLab Merge Request, so you can quickly see new security issues that are detected in your project.
  • The CodeSonar warning message can easily be viewed directly in GitLab, and detailed warning reports with annotated source code are just a mouse click away – no copy and pasting or searching for line numbers.
  • Developers can work with detected vulnerabilities right in the GitLab UI – review a warning, create a GitLab issue, and assign it to a developer without ever leaving GitLab.

Learn How to be MISRA compliant while using GitLab with this short video.

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To download the latest integration kit please use this link which will require you to login into the support portal.

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