CodeSonar – Eclipse IDE Integration

Bringing the power of SAST and advanced static analysis directly to the developer. 

CodeSonar integrates with the most popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) on the market such as the Eclipse IDE. These integrations “shift left” security and improve quality by bringing the power of SAST and advanced static analysis directly to the developer. 

  • View warnings in the editor as you would any other error or warning. These errors are displayed in the code view and in the warning panels typically below the code view.
  • Show warning path and trace events that lead to a warning, which simplifies analysis in determining the veracity of the warning.
  • Perform permanent assessments on the warnings once the priority and accuracy of the warning have been determined. Any settings given to the warnings are persistent in the CodeSonar database in the same manner as the web UI.
  • List active warnings to perform further investigation on project-wide analysis. It’s then possible to open the web UI for CodeSonar to perform required actions as needed.
  • Kick-off builds and new analyses within the IDE to make it quick and easy to see updated results based on recent fixes or code changes.
  • Results are automatically synchronized with a central server running at the customer site, enabling the development team to manage results in a coordinated way.

CodeSonar Plugin for Eclipse

Developers can use CodeSonar’s Eclipse plug-in to run a CodeSonar analysis from within Eclipse, allowing them to examine their code on the desktop and fix issues before check-in. CodeSonar’s warnings for C/C++ and Java code are now viewable within Eclipse.

System Requirements

  • Eclipse versions 4.19 – 4.29 are supported
  • Host: Windows & Linux
  • Compilers: Supports most popular and embedded compilers
  • Languages: C, C++ & Java
  • Output: SARIF, XML, CSV, PDF, HTML

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