CodeSonar – Support for Hundreds of Compilers & Versions

Gain Deeper Insights into Software Application Attributes.

CodeSonar Supports Deep Analysis Across Compilers

For When You Build Software for Critical Applications

CodeSonar integrates with the most popular compilers used in the development of safety-critical software and products. 

  • CodeSonar comes with a number of pre-installed compiler and compiler driver models.
  • CodeSonar interprets the compilation by observing the build process, providing a deep syntactic knowledge of the code based on a unique compiler model for each vendor, e.g.,
    • What flags the code passes to the compiler,
    • What defines are passed along the command line,
    • What code will be included or ignored as a result of those defined.
  • CodeSonar creates an entire syntax tree of every possible conditional statement that can be executed.
  • Errors are displayed in the IDE code view and in the warning panels typically below the code view. Clicking on the warnings in any location brings you a new panel that provides more details on the error plus access to other parts of CodeSonar.
  • The trace of the error is navigable within the CodeSonar panel and back to the code view. This greatly simplifies the analysis to determine the veracity of the warning.
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