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The Comprehensive Value of CodeSonar 

If only embedded software were as easy to assemble as furniture from a certain Scandinavian brand. Imagine needing a single hex key and some simple instructions—why is there an extra bolt left over—before your solution is proudly on display. Unfortunately, creating a safe, secure, and robust embedded solution is significantly more complex. 

Even if most of your team’s time and effort are spent writing control software in languages like C or C++, you still face the challenge of creating a human-machine interface or providing a utility to configure the solution when deployed. Perhaps your solution also needs to phone home for security updates or to send telemetry data back to a device management system. These components of your solution, likely written in languages better suited to the task, must also be safe and secure. 

Until now, you probably had to use different products and processes to create and test these elements of your solution, including various static application security testing (SAST) products. That means multiple tools to acquire, install, and maintain; multiple tools for your team to learn and integrate into your DevSecOps process; and multiple tools to justify at budget time. 

This is why the most recent release of CodeSonar is such a game-changer. With this release, your team can standardize on one product to identify potential vulnerabilities and create high-quality software, fully integrated into your DevSecOps pipeline. CodeSonar achieves this by providing all necessary capabilities in one tool, accessible to every developer on your team. This includes operating system support, compiler support, checkers, IDE integrations, build systems, coding standards, deployment options, and programming languages, making it your all-in-one SAST solution. 

Delving Deeper into CodeSonar’s Capabilities: 

  • Languages: CodeSonar now supports a wide array of programming languages, expanding beyond traditional languages like C/C++ to include modern languages such as Java, C#, Kotlin, Python, Go, Rust, JavaScript, and TypeScript. This expansion enables developers to leverage CodeSonar’s advanced analysis capabilities across a diverse range of projects and technologies. 
  • Operating Systems: CodeSonar ensures compatibility across various platforms, whether you are developing for Windows, Linux, a real-time operating system, or bare metal. This flexibility allows developers to integrate the product seamlessly into their existing workflows. 
  • Compilers: CodeSonar supports numerous compilers, including Clang, GCC, Microsoft, IAR, Tasking, QNX, WindRiver, and many others. If your specific compiler isn’t supported, our flexible model technology makes it easy to add support, getting your team up and running quickly. 
  • Checkers: With hundreds of built-in checkers, CodeSonar examines code for potential vulnerabilities, coding errors, and compliance violations, helping identify issues early in the development cycle and saving time and resources. 
  • Host Platforms: CodeSonar offers flexible hosting options, including cloud-based solutions, on-premises deployment, and fully air-gapped environments, ensuring that teams of all sizes and industries can use CodeSonar without constraints. 
  • Integrations: CodeSonar integrates seamlessly with popular development products and CI/CD pipelines, enhancing productivity and collaboration among development teams. 
  • Coding Standards: CodeSonar helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements such as MISRA, CERT, and CWE, ensuring code quality and security throughout the development lifecycle. 
  • Deployment Models: CodeSonar caters to unique organizational needs with various deployment models, supporting enhanced control and security for on-premises setups, or scalability and accessibility with cloud-based solutions. 
  • Infrastructure: CodeSonar fits into your project’s specific infrastructure needs, whether your developers work directly on their workstations or within a fully incorporated CI/CD pipeline, without additional costs for CI/CD workers or compute hosts. 
  • Customer Support: With world-class customer support and an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 72 ending in 2023, CodeSonar ensures immediate benefits through the CodeSecure support portal, enabling access to support tickets, knowledge base articles, documentation, software downloads, and more. 

By offering these capabilities with a single license and without any add-ons or hidden extras, CodeSonar empowers developers to build software with confidence, ensuring thorough analysis, security, and compliance. As organizations strive to innovate and maintain a competitive edge, CodeSonar becomes an essential partner in their quest for software excellence and cybersecurity resilience. 

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