Introducing BCA Marketplace: SBOM generation & management

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In a world where software transparency is becoming increasingly critical, CodeSecure is helping lead the charge with the first-ever, Binary Composition Analysis (BCA) Marketplace.  

With the enforcement of the January 2024 cybersecurity regulation under the European Union’s (EU) Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), the consequences of failing to comply with Software Bill of Materials (“SBOM”) reporting have become more severe. Violations could result in a €15 million administrative fine or 2.5% of an organization’s gross sales, whichever is higher. This enhanced oversight by the EU significantly increases the need for SBOMs and solutions that facilitate compliance with these new requirements. The CRA covers all products with software, including standalone software, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, operational technology, and other tangible devices such as televisions, laptops, and baby monitors, for both enterprises and consumers. 

“The BCA Marketplace is the go-to spot for SBOM generation and management. It offers unmatched choice, unprecedented speed, and unparalleled ease.” Vince Arneja, CPO at CodeSecure.  

  • Simple SBOM Generation: Generate high-quality SBOMs effortlessly, ensuring compliance with evolving security regulations. No complex integrations or technical expertise are required. 
  • Ready-Made Regulatory Compliance: Gain peace of mind with the knowledge that SBOMs generated through the marketplace meet industry standards. The platform streamlines the process, accelerating your path to compliance. 
  • Unmatched Choice: Leverage the collective power of leading BCA vendors, all conveniently located within a single platform. 
  • Unprecedented Speed: Get started in minutes, not months. Streamline your security processes with instant access to the tools you need. 
  • Frictionless Access, Instant Results: Eliminate the wait times typically associated with proof-of-concepts. Effortlessly compare and choose from top-tier SBOM generation tools within minutes. 
  • Unparalleled Ease: Generate SBOMs effortlessly, without facing complex integrations or technical hurdles. 

“This platform streamlines SBOM generation, enabling you to effortlessly create high-quality SBOMs that adhere to ever-changing security regulations. Our mission is to democratize advanced security practices by making them accessible to everyone through this Marketplace,” says Dmitry Raidman, CEO at Cybeats. 

“The world of SBOMs is rapidly maturing including the need for SBOMs generated from Post-Production Applications. Security professionals deserve and now expect easy access to SBOM generation, and we’re excited to partner with Cybeats to make achieving compliance as easy as possible for our customers,” said Vince Arneja, CPO at CodeSecure. 

At the heart of the BCA Marketplace is SBOM generation. With this platform, users can eliminate the delays associated with traditional methods, ensuring compliance with regulations such as FDA and EU CSA. You can also have peace of mind, knowing what’s in your code. 

If interested, visit the Marketplace or connect with a CodeSecure representative today!

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