Webinar with Arm & Wind River: Automotive Safety from the Ground Up: Hardware, OS and Static Analysis

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There are many different types of software systems in a car, each with different requirements around safety and security. The software that performs autonomous driving support or that controls brakes is more critical than the display in cluster, which is more critical to the infotainment system.

You need all the help you can get if you are the one responsible for building these complex safety-critical software systems on-time, on-budget, on-quality, on-security and with all of the required features. In this webinar, ARM, Wind River and GrammaTech highlight the capabilities that they have on offer to help.


Arm provides an overview on how their Automotive Enhanced IP portfolio and the Arm Safety Ready Program facilitates customers to accelerate their designs achieve functional safety. Arm’s broad functional safety portfolio scales from low power applications all the way up to the high power needed for autonomous driving driving applications and includes IP, components, tools and safety documentation.

Wind River covers the operating system layer and how VxWorks, Wind Rivers scalable, safety certified real-time operating system, can provide OS features and flexibilities such as virtualization, in safety certifiable configurations.

Lastly, GrammaTech covers how CodeSonar’s static analysis for source and binary helps engineers write safe and secure software by supporting them during the software development lifecycle. This section will also cover how the Tool Safety Manual generated by CodeSonar’s Qualification Kit guides the functional safety team in using static analysis in their safety argumentation.

Interested in learning more? Read our guide “Reduce Automotive Software Failures with Static Analysis.”



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