Webinar with AFuzion: Safety, Security, and Agile Development – Pick Any Three

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People often connect safety and security with archaic development methodologies: strict processes, long development times, big budgets and waterfall development starting from requirements. However, that is no longer the case. Yes, developing safe and secure software takes more time and more skill. Today, we can now be agile, innovative, safe, and secure at the same time.

And this is crucial, embedded software is taking a more critical role in our lives and we need that software to be developed quickly, securely and safely. AFuzion and GrammaTech have been in the trenches with developers building hundreds of systems that control aircraft, power and water, cars, industrial automation, electricity delivery, trains, and many more.

In this webinar, the leader in safety training and consulting and the leader in static analysis for embedded will walk you through how to combine the V-model with Agile development and how tooling can assist in making safe development easier on your team. 


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