GrammaTech Releases CodeSonar 4.5

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Ithaca, USA – At Embedded World 2017, GrammaTech, a leading developer of software assurance tools and advanced cyber security solutions, will unveil the newest version 4.5 of its flagship product CodeSonar®, the most powerful static analysis system available today.

CodeSonar 4.5 is focused on safety and security motivated customers, with additional integration capabilities, including Microsoft Visual Studio and increased support for C++ 14. A new management dashboard will provide unique value to non-technical QA, development, and product managers looking to gain understanding of software risks at a high level.

CodeSonar is the only commercial static analysis solution on the market that provides binary analysis technology for Intel and Arm processors. Without assessing the safety, quality, and security of open-source, third-party, and legacy code, companies release software faster but with greater potential for serious issues down the road. CodeSonar mitigates these risks by analyzing this code and providing visual aids to help users understand where their code is vulnerable. Embedded developers worldwide use CodeSonar to find and fix quality, safety, and security issues in their code.

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