GrammaTech CodeSonar Refreshes IEC 61508, ISO26262 and CENELEC EN 50128 Certifications

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Three fresh new functional safety certificates are now available for CodeSonar version 5.2p0 and later covering IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and CENELEC EN 50128. These certificates have been issued by Exida and document that CodeSonar is qualified to be used to develop software that needs to be certified to the highest functional safety levels: SIL 4 for IEC 61508 and CENELEC EN 50128 and ASIL D for ISO 26262. The certificates are available on the Exida website and apply to all versions of CodeSonar after 5.2p0, which allows customers to migrate to the latest version of CodeSonar with the latest innovations from GrammaTech, while still meeting the tool qualification requirements of their functional safety processes.


These certificates are at the core of the Functional Safety Documentation Kit that GrammaTech offers as an add-on to CodeSonar. This documentation kit provides additional documentation that customers will need when they integrate CodeSonar into their processes in the form of 1) the Assessment Report that documents why CodeSonar is deemed qualified; 2) the Tool Safety Manual that provides detailed information as to how to integrate CodeSonar. The Kit also provides additional support around static analysis and how it impacts functional safety.

CodeSonar is suitable to develop software that requiring certification to DO-178C using DO-330 and DO-326A (Cyber Security). GrammaTech and its partners can assist you with training, mentoring and gap analysis to understand how to empower your teams to reduce certification risk, timeline and cost. Connect with your GrammaTech representative if you need more information on how to integrate static analysis into your safety processes for these standards.

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