GrammaTech Announces Integration of JuliaSoft into CodeSonar

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Software teams that build safety and security critical systems using Java, C#, or Android can now benefit from high recall, high precision, advanced static analysis. GrammaTech today announces support for these platforms thanks to the integration of the advanced static analysis engine Julia from JuliaSoft into GrammaTech CodeSonar®.

Today’s software projects are utilizing more and more languages. An IOT device may use C/C++ for the safety critical programmable logic control, while it uses Java to provide a flexible user interface. A medical device may use C inside a pacemaker or an infusion pump, but use C# or Android to provide a familiar user interface to end-users on top of mobile devices.

Integrating Julia into CodeSonar® provides high recall, high precision, advanced static analysis of multiple languages into a single user interface complete with team collaboration and visualization tools, making it easy for software development teams to deliver better software faster all the while reducing cyber security risk. When implemented early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), CodeSonar® can save teams time, money, and reputation by finding more bugs in the source code early.

“Safety and security critical software projects often use languages like Java or C# for parts of their functionality,” says Mark Hermeling, Senior Director Product Marketing at GrammaTech. “The collaboration between GrammaTech and JuliaSoft offers these projects advanced static analysis capabilities, decreasing both development cost and cyber security risk.”

“The partnership with GrammaTech represents an important step in making high-quality, in-depth code analysis solutions available for companies moving towards IoT and Industry 4.0”, comments Francesco Savino, CEO of JuliaSoft. “Thanks to the integration of the two technologies, we are now able to provide our clients with an end-to-end software quality and cyber security solution for these ecosystems.”

In addition to JuliaSoft’s language support set to go live in Q4 2018, Codesonar® supports C/C++, as well as x86, x64, and ARM machine code. For more information on availability, contact

About GrammaTech:

GrammaTech’s advanced static analysis tools are used by software developers worldwide, spanning a myriad of embedded software industries including avionics, government, medical, military, industrial control, and other applications where reliability and security are paramount. Originally developed within Cornell University, GrammaTech is now a leading research center for software security and a commercial vendor of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions. With both static and dynamic analysis tools that analyze source code as well as binary executables, GrammaTech continues to advance the science of superior software analysis, providing technology for developers to produce safer software. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About JuliaSoft:

JuliaSoft is an innovative technology company specialized in software verification. Born as a University of Verona spin-off company in 2010, since June 2015 JuliaSoft is part of Corvallis Group, one of the top Italian IT service companies.

CodeSonar® is a registered trademark of GrammaTech.

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